Top 7 tips on making Your first $1M

business2Making a million dollars is a big dream that many individuals have. The financial freedom that comes with being a millionaire is enough of a lure for any person, in any profession to take on this type of challenge. But how do you make a million dollars with no base to grow off of? The good news is, I have some tips that anyone can use to help them make //” target=”_blank”>$1 million from scratch.



money2Find a mentor who has done it.

A mentor can be //” target=”_blank”>your greatest ally in your journey towards making a $1 million. If you have someone looking out for you who has done it before you can gain valuable insight that can truly make the difference in your success. I did not have a mentor, I was self taught, but I could see right away how much easier my journey would have been with a mentor behind me.

Know that you don’t need to be perfect.

You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to do a perfect job every time, but you must be dedicated. Study hard, learn from your mistakes and never give up. You’re going to fail, and that is OK, but it’s all about how you react to that failure that will help you in the long run.


 money3Remember that small gains add up.

You are not going to make $1 million in one deal, and you aren’t going to make $1 million overnight. Most of my students and I have made our million dollar goals in small successes, with $1,000 gains at a time. You don’t need to make $100,000 in a single win to be on your way to being a millionaire. It doesn’t matter what you start with.

But if you want to start now, click here.



Use alternative strategies.


There are so many traders who lose and investors who fail at the stock market because they aren’t thinking outside of the box. You must be willing to take alternative approaches to really find the success that you are looking for. Things like pump and dumps and short selling may not seem like the most logical step, but they can really make a difference and help you reach your goals. If you look at some of my businesses, you will see how often I take this approach


Don’t expect success right away.

You are not going to reach your goal in a matter of days, weeks or even months. Don’t focus on how fast you can reach your goal, focus on learning and increasing your knowledge base first. This will help you make a stronger foundation for future success. Remember, profits come as a result of education.

Assume you have to work harder than everyone else.

sleepy pup


So many of us want what others have, but we don’t get it. This causes so many people to make excuses for why other people have the financial success that we desire. Stop making excuses and just accept the fact that you are going to have to work harder than others to get what you want. It doesn’t matter that you are starting from scratch or that someone else has family money or walked into some financial success. In order for you to reach your goals, you are going to have to accept that you will need to work harder than everyone else


Have the right motivations in place. grind

Don’t just work towards your goals for superficial reasons. Yes having money and notoriety is nice, but these are all superficial reasons for reaching your goals. Challenge yourself to be the best you can be and think of the rewards as a secondary benefit.

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The Mercator Map Vs. The Peterson Map

Cultural Voice

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Who’s Ready!

Who’s Ready!. Get ready for fall this season with style!! check out Sophisticates Handbags and Apparel for your fashion must haves!! These amazing deals and styles have me getting my shopping list together for fall fashion  🙂 See you there!!

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Hello world!

Welcome to! This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!

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We at Awesome Thinkers United are on a mission to learn in a personal and fun way. This is a homeschooling blog but the goal is to connect to other people and learning from each other. From cooking recipes to quantum physics to musical interests to science fiction. We want to learn from a plethora of sources to expand the thinking mind towards a more positive future. Education shouldn’t stop when the kids are finished with homework or when they get home from school. It’s anything from teaching a lesson in math to cooking in the kitchen. It’s the practical lessons we may think is irrelevant now but may come in handy in the future. So please feel free to comment and contact us.

We look forward to growing with you all!!

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Live and learn …

Live and learn but remember to Love along the way…

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Gravity sucks….sometimes

Ever felt weighed down? Heavy? Not light on your toes? Well then, GET MOVING!! LOL

Gravity is at play here and while it’s very useful for  keeping us grounded, it can also hurt us. Here’s what I mean.

Imagine waking up and feeling groggy and tired, just clutching onto the last remnants of sleep in the back our eyelids.  Gravity of sleep is still weighing down on you. Rub them eyes and splash some water on your face and praise G-d for restoring your soul to your body. Be thankful for breathing, for the blood pumping in your veins that sustained your life force while slumbering, heck, even for snoring!! Just be grateful!! Don’t let the gravity of sleep stop you from moving forward in your day. Wake up!! You are alive and I’m thankful for it, so should you.

When I speak of gravity, I’m not specifically talking of the kind that is keeping us from flying off the face of the Earth, though that would be quite a sight to behold. I’m speaking of the weight we carry around us. The emotional, mental and spiritual weight we hold that weigh down our hearts, minds and souls. Let it go. We can be our own worst enemies when it comes to this. I know this firsthand.

A few years ago, I lost custody of my daughter’s. The situation surrounding those circumstances are still baffling to me til this day.  I was depressed for years and had no comfort in the matter because of where I was emotionally and mentally at the time. I got little help from well meaning family and friends (I hold no ill will towards them though I thought differently at the time) and was mostly alone to deal with this. Needless to say, I had a breakdown in spirit and mind and was admitted to the hospital for severe depression. I thank G-d and my husband, children, and mother in law for being there for me through this most difficult time. Their unconditional love and passion to make sure I didn’t go completely off the deep end is a testament to the existence of a Higher Being who bestows us with unconditional love and guidance. They have shown me that the gravity of the situation is only sustainable if you adhere to the basic tenets of what G-d is all about: Love.

I thank them from the bottom of my heart and soul, for they saw me go to a dark place and wouldn’t let the gravity of depression claim their family, friend, mom and wife. They have shown me that with love, true Love, you can be weightless in a sea of anchors. Thank you Charles, Zion,Carolyn, Edward, Malachi and Kymani for helping to lift the weight of grief and anxiety from my life. I am forever indebted to you guys 🙂

And to gravity I say,” thanks, but no thanks, I’ll use you sparingly…”

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